House for a Landscaper 

Additions and alterations to this Arts & Crafts home positioned on the slopes of Table mountain, were consciously considered to respond to the requirements of modern living whilst respecting the original architectural heritage. The design transforms the previously confined spaces into a haven of light, space and greenery. Living and sleeping spaces are split between storeys but are connected vertically by a double-volume entrance hall and staircase adjacent to a central courtyard that creates a private leafy-green sanctuary in the heart of the home. To the north, the reinterpreted verandah, defined by fully-openable folding/sliding windows and shutters, stretches across the width of the house, softening the boundary between house and garden. Throughout the house, the use of tactile natural finishes alongside contrasting clean structural lines and accent colours further blurs the distinction between inside and out. 

APPA_Vredehoek House_21
APPA_Vredehoek House_01
APPA_Vredehoek House_06
APPA_Vredehoek House_16
APPA_Vredehoek House_15
APPA_Vredehoek House_04
APPA_Vredehoek House_18
APPA_Vredehoek House_14
APPA_Vredehoek House_13
APPA_Vredehoek House_19
APPA_Vredehoek House_03
APPA_Vredehoek House_09
APPA_Vredehoek House_11
APPA_Vredehoek House_08
APPA_Vredehoek House_17

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