APPA About

What does APPA stand for? 

APPA stands for Anderson Perry Partnership Architects. It is the latest iteration of the professional partnership that began as Perry Anderson Architecture and later became Loudon Perry Anderson Architects.

The world is in flux. How we live, work and communicate is evolving rapidly. Social norms are shifting, energy resources and environmental factors demand consideration, and technology is playing a larger and larger role in our daily lives – the future is here! Now more than ever, architectural solutions must take cognisance of the role they play in a complex and interconnected world. At APPA we’re genuinely excited by the challenges and opportunities this presents.

Above all, APPA is dedicated to the art and science of architecture. We love solving architectural puzzles at every scale, from the tiniest detail to the largest structures – and seeing those solutions come to fruition. We believe in the power of space and form to enhance human experience, boost utility and bring joy. Hence we apply lazer-like focus to architectural design and project management, and keep clear sight on where and how we can collaborate with experts in other fields.

The APPA symbol comprises the letters of the name woven into an endless knot. It represents our commitment to partnership, cooperation and collaboration. We believe that by focussing on what we do best, and partnering with others who are doing the same, we can bring elegant and efficient solutions to even the most complex problems.

APPA is modular. APPA is scalable. APPA is an architecture company designed to take on projects of any size, for any and every application.

Anderson Perry Partnership Architects holds itself to the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. We are a member of the South African Council for the Architectural Profession and the South African Institute of Architects.